Alumni and Thesis

Jung-Bae Ahn A study on parallel flexible flow lines for minimization of cycle time in semiconductor wafer test process

Seong-Moon Oh Train Service Planning in the Passenger Railway

Sung-Hyun Kim (A)0-1 Nonlinear Model to Minimize Set-up Time

Si-il Sung Game-Theory-Based Computer Network Security Models

Ji-Young Byun Efficiency study on individual discount stores within a large, multi-store, multi-market retail chain

Dea-Sik Choi A Performance Analysis of a Cutting-plane-based Branch & Bound Algorithm for Integer Multicommodity Network Flow Problems

Gang-Su Lee (A)Study of Forecasting Model Selection Methodology Based on Demand Pattern Classification of Automotive Service Parts

Ji-Won Jung A Unified Method of K-means-Algorithm-Based Non-Parametric Clustering in Data Mining

Yeo-Sung Sim A Comparison Study of Cluster Validity Indices using a Nonhierarchical Algorithm

In-Sang Choi Train-fleet assignment considering passenger demands

Jun Kim Analysis of the margin level in the KOSPI200 futures market

Hyun-Chul Lee Parallel machine scheduling for small-size batch production with sequence dependent setup times larger than processing times

Yong-Su Kong (A)Rank-reversal-free Efficiency Ranking Procedure

Gyu-Sik Min A Data-Mining-based Methodology for Military Occupational Specialty Assignment

Jea-Ook Jung Analysis of the Optimal Order Quantity in the Vendor Managed Inventory System with nQ order Policy

Yong-Suk Kim Base Stock Policy for Efficient Inventory Management of Army

Jang-Yong Jun A Study of the Task Assignments for Ships in R.O.K. Navy

Suk-Jin Youn A Study of the Cooperative Business Model for Internet Shopping Mall Companies

Yong-Sik Kim An Analytical Approach for Building a Bayesian Network

Chul-Han Kim A Multi-Objective Integer Programming Model for Navy Enlisted Personnel Assignment

Sang-Mok Han An Asset Allocation Model based on the Two Person Zero Sum Game

Jea-Hyun Shin Loan Portfolio Selection Using Chance-Constrained Quadratic Programming

Jin-Pyong Kim Mathematical Programming Models for Optimal Portfolio Management

Jea-Hong Kim A DEA-AHP Hybrid Model for Efficiency Ranking

Hyun-Suk Gong A Genetic Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem